Dare: Can I DIY Fashion Week?

No more whiny complaints about Fashion Week's avante-garde looks. This is my attempt to stop saying, "It's gorg, but I could never do that!"

Crisscross Fishtail on Lila

Here it is: The infamous fishtail braid I swore could never look as good as it did on the runway. Tiffanie recreated this look on our intern, Lila, who has the perfect length hair for this style. Plus, she’s got great highlights that really help give the braid dimension.

Tiffanie created two fishtail braids on Lila, and then gently loosened them to make them wider. Then she crisscrossed the braids, creating the “X” effect, and secured with bobby pins. It definitely took some time and patience, and for a while there I was grinning like a Cheshire cat at my desk, totally thinking I was right when I claimed it couldn’t be done.

But then she finished, and I’ll admit, it looked perfect. Tiffanie, I’m totally giving you the win for this. You were right. All it took was a can of hairspray and a handful of bobby pins.