Dare: Can I DIY Fashion Week?

No more whiny complaints about Fashion Week's avante-garde looks. This is my attempt to stop saying, "It's gorg, but I could never do that!"

Super Long Lashes on Tiffanie

So, here’s a little confession I’m ashamed to admit considering I work for a beauty website: I am freaked out by fake lashes. The thought of gluing extra hair onto my eyes seems so bizarre. But Tiffanie is skilled at the art of applying lashes, and so she completely pulled off a much more subtle version of the spidery lashes from the

CZAR by Cesar Galindo runway show.

Tiffanie used MAC False Lashes on her top lashes, and then cut a false eyelash in half for her bottom lashes.

I definitely prefer Tiffanie’s version of this trend. Just looking at the runway model makes me feel like I have something in my eye. Shudder. But Tiffanie’s toned-down version would totally work for a glammed up night out and may even inspire me to get over my false eyelash aversion. Maybe.

For a full breakdown on how to apply false eyelashes like a pro, check out this tutorial.