Tips for Long Hair

Your long hair is cascading, voluminous, shiny, and…damaged. That’s right. What they don’t mention in fairy tales like Rapunzel is that long hair has a lot of opportunity for damage. Fortunately for you, we’ve got the tips for long hair to ensure it’s healthy and strong. Not sure of your hair’s damage factor? Take our damaged hair quiz.

Keep it Trimmed

Until rocking a head full of split ends becomes the trend (AKA, never), one of the best tips for long hair we can offer is to make sure you get fairly regular trims. Your hair grows about a half an inch each month, so get it trimmed every 3 months or so.

Don’t Wash It

…At least not everyday. Washing your hair daily will strip it of oils, which your hair needs for shine. If you currently wash your hair daily, there will be about a week period when your hair feels greasy, but your scalp should adjust after that.

Wait to Blow Dry

If you heed no other tips for long hair, you should take note of at least this one. To preserve your long hair, avoid heat damage by waiting about 30 minutes after you get out of the shower to blow dry. This will minimize the amount of heat your hair has to face while still giving you blown out style.

P.S. If your hair is suffering from too much fun in the sun, you’ll want to read our tips for summer skin and hair repair.