Simple Hairdos for Long Hair

Wrestling with long hair can be exhausting. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep these simple hairdos for long hair in mind when faced with unruly bedhead before 7 a.m. on a seriously bad hair day.


A headband is your best friend on a bad hair day. You can wear it traditionally, with your hair down, or throw it up in a bun or pony. A headband will smooth any bumps out for a polished look. If it’s an elastic headband, you can also tuck and roll the ends up into the back of the headband for a unique look. And yes, the hippie version of the headband is back in!

Side French Braid

This is one of the best simple hairdos for long hair that takes about two minutes. Parting your hair on the side, begin French braiding close to your head on the side with the most hair. As you finish over the scalp area, begin to incorporate the rest of your hair into the braid. Tie off and mist with hair spray for an all-day hold.

Overnight Beach Waves

Regardless of the time of year, beachy waves are always in. For this look, begin the night before, after you get out of the shower. Braid your damp hair into two braids on either side of your head, mist with a curling spray, and catch some z’s. In the morning, shake out your braids and run your fingers through your overnight beach waves. This is one of the great simple hairdos for long hair because you basically don’t have to do any work! Speaking of not doing work, check out our ultimate lazy girl’s guide to hair.