Cute Updos for Long Hair

Updos aren’t just for prom. When you’ve got long hair, it’s a shame not to show it off with a cute updo every now and then.

The Pony

Variations of the pony tail pretty much epitomize cute updos for long hair. We all rocked them as soon as we had enough hair for our moms to gather together, and the pony tail is a practical, fun classic that lasts through adulthood. The trick to making it look more mature is to hide the elastic band — wrap a section of hair around it and secure it underneath the pony. For an added twist, braid the section of hair before wrapping it. For more ponytail ideas, check out these 12 ponytail alternatives.

The Braided Bun

This is one of the simple, cute updos for long hair you should have in your arsenal to make it look like you put more thought into your appearance than you did. Throw your hair up into a high pony and braid the ponytail. Wrap the braid into a bun. For more pizazz, do a big braid and a small braid for different textures. Can’t get enough braids? You’ll love these braiding tutorials.

Low Side Bun

This is one of the hottest trends in Hollywood at the moment. It’s reminiscent of old Hollywood glam, making it a classic that is completely on trend at the moment. This look works best when it’s a little messy — so begin by using a large-barrel curling iron (or rollers, if you prefer) to create some waves. After you’re done, pull your hair to the side (if you have a side part, it looks best to have your bun on the opposite side of your part) and gather your hair into a ball, securing it with an elastic band. Don’t worry if it’s messy — it’s supposed to be! Secure the shape with a few bobby pins and tease the top for extra volume and shape.