Great Long Hairstyles

Old Hollywood Waves

This look has been all the rage on the red carpet as of late – it’s one of the great long hair styles that is trendy and classic all at once. To get these waves at home (without the help of a professional hair stylist), use a double barrel curling iron and start a few inches down from your part. After curling, pin the curl to your head with a bobby pin and let it cool down and set while you complete your whole head. (Note: do not leave the house like this, as it’s not currently part of the acceptable Old Hollywood trend.)

Super Spirals

It’s possible to achieve this wild and sexy look even if you have straight hair. Use a small barrel curling wand and wrap small sections of hair around it that you’ve sprayed a heat-friendly hairspray on. Once you’ve covered your entire head, use a texturizer to give yourself some volume underneath all those curls. This is one of the great long hair styles that is definitely a time investment, but it has the power to completely transform your look! If you’re addicted to curls, try these 12 Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair.

Sleek and Sexy

For one of the great long hair styles with some added sophistication, try a super sleek straight look. Use a ceramic-plated straightener on small sections of hair. It may help to use a serum beforehand, which will protect your hair. Using a ceramic straightener will also minimize heat damage. If you’re wondering what kind of damage control you need to perform on your hair, take our quiz: How Damaged is Your Hair?