Wedding Hairdos for Short Hair

Straight in the Front, Curly in the Back

This is one of the great wedding hairdos for short hair that appears to be an updo from the front, but isn’t. Begin by teasing the crown area. Smooth the front and side of your hair back into a sleek point. Use a curling iron on the ends of your hair for a fun, spunky look from behind.

Vibrant Curls

If your short hair is the right length, bouncy spirals is one of the best wedding hairdos for short hair. Because short hair doesn’t have the added weight that comes with long hair, the curls will hold their shape throughout the day for a vibrant, youthful and fun look. Having problems with curls? Consult this guide to curly hair.

Faux Modern Beehive

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t fake a beehive! For this look, you’ll need to seriously tease your hair, and potentially even supplement your hive with a hairpiece, depending on the height you want. Smooth your hair over the bump and pin it at a point in the back. For one of the more romantic wedding hairdos for short hair, allow a few pieces to frame your face.

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