Short Hair Updos

Short hair? These updos don’t care. Try these short hair updos for prom, a night out, or just when you want to switch things up.

Fake Long Hair

Want to appear as though one of your short hair updos is a long hair updo? Start by curling your hair and teasing it around the crown. Pull it back just under the crown, allowing a few tendrils to escape around the face. Pin the rest of your hair under the volume you created through teasing. Voila! No one knows that your updo is just a bunch of air.

Tuck and Roll

No, this is not a fire drill, but someone may pull the alarm when they see how smokin’ hot these short hair updos are! This look requires texture to stay in place, so go ahead and give yourself some waves with a curling iron, parting your hair in the middle or side. Twist the sides of your hair up and around to meet one another at the nape of your neck, and tuck and roll the remaining hair up. Secure with bobby pins for a medieval princess style.<br/> <br/><br/>

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