Prom Hair Styles for Medium Hair

Prom hair styles for medium hair can be tricky. It’s not quite enough hair for an updo, but there’s too much length for a short hair style. Try these picks for a hairstyle that’s just right.

Hang Out

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your medium hair simple for prom. Blow dry your hair straight with a round brush and use a curling iron to give the ends some bounce. Rachel McAdams and Reese Witherspoon are known for rocking laid-back medium hair styles on the red carpet. Try some hair flair for an added touch.

Wavy and Romantic

For a throwback to the ’50s, part your hair on the side and give yourself a curl using a curling iron on the bottom half of your hair for one of the retro-inspired prom hair styles for medium hair. Pin back one side with bobby pins.

Straight, Chic Ponytail

Done right, a pony talk is a perfect prom hair style for medium hair. Part wet hair to the side and use styling gel throughout. Pull the rest of your hair into a low ponytail for a sleep look.

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