Curly Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Romantic curly wedding hairstyles for medium hair are perfect for a wedding day, whether you’re the bride, a member of the bridal party, or a guest.

1940’s Waves

Begin by parting your hair on the side. Use a large or medium barrel curling iron to curl all of your hair inward toward your face. Use large setting clips to hold the curls in place. Keep them there for at least 15 minutes (conveniently enough time to do your makeup) before taking them out. To get the wave pattern to appear, gently brush your hair back with a paddle brush. Set with a flexible-old hairspray. This glamorous, yet classic look is sure to be a hit.

Loose Bun with Tendrils

For this look, begin by curling your hair with a medium barrel curling iron if you don’t already have curly hair. Even though you’re going to be pulling most of it up, you still need to give the impression of fullness and volume. Tilt your head back and gather all of your hair into a loose knot. Secure with knot with bobby pins and mist with hair spray. Pull a few tendrils loose to frame your face.

If you plan on one of the simple curly wedding hairstyles for medium hair, don’t forget to add a piece of hair flair!