Foam Hair Color

If you’ve ever dyed your hair at home, you know how messy it can be. The dye solution drips down your neck, into your ears, and all around your forehead, which results in all the tiny little invisible hairs covering your body suddenly revealing themselves to the world in whatever dye color you’ve chosen.

Enter: Foam Hair Color. You still combine two liquids to create the hair dye, but this stuff comes out in a foamy, thick texture with a mousse-like consistency. This more solid structure makes it easier to apply to dry hair, and when you put it somewhere, it stays — no hair dye slides with this product.

Foam hair color comes in a variety of colors, outside of those traditional blonde, brunette, and red hues. Wash-out products are also available for a one-time use, if you just want to try a color out. If you’re willing to (temporarily) walk on the wild side, try these hair colors trends with foam hair color.

Foam hair color is easy to do by yourself, so you won’t have to bribe your friend to do it — and your boyfriend will be happy to know he is off the hook too. Also, if you think foam is cutting-edge hair technology, you’ll be blow away by the 9 weirdest hair tools ever.