How to Curl Thick, Straight Hair

It would seem like those with thick, straight hair don’t have much to complain about, as the rest of us covet their healthy, shiny straight hair. However, thick, straight hair can be a little difficult to style. Read on for tips on how to get your thick, straight hair to hold a curl.

It’s best to start with dirty hair, as it can hold shape a little better than hair that’s squeaky clean. Separate your hair into sections and, using a one-inch barrel curling iron, curl very small sections of hair at a time. After releasing the curl, wind it back into its curl shape and clip it to your head to let it set — this will ensure a long-lasting curl.

Set your curls with a strong hold hairspray. Be careful not to overdo it, as you don’t want to encourage a crunchy look.

Thick, straight hair doesn’t also have to be boring. Experiment with a curling iron and find out what works best for your hair. Explore other styles for thick, straight hair in our style gallery.

Once you’ve conquered curling your thick, straight hair, try these 12 easy curly hairstyles on your new versatile hair.