Dark Hair with Red Highlights

Hair highlighting is one beauty trend that will probably never fall out of fashion. From sun-kissed blonde streaks to lavender stripes, highlights are the baby steps of hair color. Dark hair with red highlights is a choice that can go one of two ways — either natural and complementing, or bold and contrasting.

For a natural look, choose a highlight that will bring out the red in your hair — a copper or auburn color will enhance your dark hair and blend naturally. If you have olive skin, a red with purple undertones will look best on you. Fair skin typically looks best with warm reds, with honey undertones. A colorist can help you decide the best tone for your skin.

For a crazy bold red, whether you’re doing all over color, a few streaks, the tips, or traditional highlights, you’ll probably need to bleach the hair you’re planning to dye if you want dark hair with red highlights that show up as fire engine red. Any time this much bleach is involved, you need to visit a color specialist. They can help you get that attention-getting dark hair with red highlights you’re going for.

Before you begin your quest for dark hair for red highlights, make sure you do your research. Check out our gallery of chic red hairstyles for celebrity examples.