Cute Curly Hair Styles

If you learn how to manage it right, curly hair can be flirty and cute. Try these cute curly hair styles when you want to amp up your adorable factor.

Pin Curls

Pin curls are one of the super cute curly hair styles that work for either straight hair or curly hair. Start with damp hair. Separate hair into two-inch sections, and use a round brush to blow each section dry. After drying an individual section, coil hair around finger to create a small bun. Secure to your head with bobby pins or a duck bill clip and lightly spritz with hairspray once your curls are all pinned. If you’re trying this style in the a.m., let your coils cool while you finish getting ready. For loner lasting curls, sleep with the pins in place and shake them out the next morning.

Half Up Headband

The contrast of a headband on a head full of wild curls can actually be pretty glamorous, especially if your curls are tight spirals. For this look, style your hair curly as you normally would (straight hair girls can check out How to Use Your Curling Iron Like a Pro for tips on how to get glam curls) and pull the top portion back into a bun. Top with your hair flair of choice and you’re good to go!

Experiment with your curls to find a look that works for you. Whether your hair is naturally curly or naturally straight, you should be able to achieve any cute, curly hair style with a little practice. Looking for more cute, curly hair styles? Try these 12 easy styles for curly hair.