Bangs and Wavy Hair

Ladies like Vanessa Hudgens, Katy Perry, and Kerry Washington have made bangs and wavy hair a popular combo. To get their look, just follow a few easy steps.

While some people dread time-consuming curling irons and straighteners, styling your hair can be much simpler with the right cut. Ask your stylist for blunt bangs that taper off slightly at the ends. Depending on your hair thickness and weight, you may want to add layers to the rest of your hair. Too many layers will make your hair seem too voluminous, but too few will make it look like a mushroom, so make sure you’re working with a stylist who knows hair texture.

Now that you have the right cut, a little styling is necessary. For that natural, I-woke-up-this-way, tousled style, start with dry hair. Use dry shampoo to add volume. Next, spread texturizing balm throughout hair, but be careful not to use too much, as that will just weigh down your hair. Scrunch your hair using a bit of gel, flipping your head upside down for maximum volume. Touch up some of your top layers with a curling iron if necessary. For more tips on curls and waves, check out this guide to curly hair.

Bangs and wavy hair can be an effortless, fun style to rock. If you’ve already got the waves, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to take the bangs plunge, take the Bangs: Should You Get Them? quiz.