Side Updos

All hairstyles go in and out of fashion. Recently, the top knot was at the height of its heyday, but now a plain old bun on top of your head seems a little…yesterday. However, changing a hairstyle from center to side can have a refreshing effect for a totally new look. These side updos are versions of classic hairstyles that shine when moved to the side.

Curly Side Bun

Start by curling your hair away from your face. Use a curling iron and start about two inches down from your roots. After curling, tease the hair on top of your head for a round shape. Pull your hair into a low side pony tail on the opposite side of your head from your part. Pin your curls to your head using bobby pins. Leave a few tendrils around your face for a soft, romantic look. For more curly hair updos, try these 12 easy styles for curly hair.

Side Pony

While a side pony may bring to mind Kimmy Gibbler’s Full House days, this updated ‘do is anything but wacky. Start by curling your hair with a curling iron, starting two to three inches away from your scalp and wrapping the hair around the iron. Gather your hair to the side, leaving a small section of the front out. Tie your ponytail with an elastic and wrap a piece of hair around it to hide it — there’s nothing less elegant than a visible hair tie. Loosely twist the front section back to meet your side pony. Secure with bobby pins and use a flexible hold hairspray to keep it in place. For more tips on curling hair, check out the guide to curly hair.

The side bun and the side pony are side updos that anyone can perfect. For more new takes on classic updos, try these 12 ponytail hairstyle alternatives.