French Braiding Your Own Hair

French braiding your own hair is a rite of passage every girl should go through. As the child of a woman who always told me her “hands just don’t work that way,” I know that being a self-sufficient braider is necessary.

I taught myself to French braid on my dolls. My American Girl Doll (Samantha) was always sporting French braids (though her Victorian era grandmother might not have approved of my haphazard, bumpy attempts). Practice makes perfect, as they say, so simply keep trying. Try French braiding on your mom, your sister, and your friends. Everyone loves having their hair played with, right? Try out the 10 best braided hairstyles on any willing victim.

After you’ve perfected the look on other people’s hair, trying French braiding your own hair. Different hair textures require different techniques. You may find it easier to work with dirty hair, though some find wet hair easy to French braid. If your attempts are messy, it’s okay. Tight plaits are so Laura Ingalls, which isn’t the look you want to go for.

It might take you a while to perfect French braiding your own hair, but you’ll get it eventually. Once you do, a world of updo possibilities will be opened to you. The French braid is a perfect way to make a boring ponytail or bun fresh and trendy. After you master the French braid, try your hand at the best braiding tutorials.