Styles for Straight, Fine Hair

If you have straight, fine hair, you’re probably used to being able to just get up and go. Straight, fine hair can be pretty easy to manage — that is, until you try to style it. Most styling products weigh fine hair down so that it becomes a limp, flat mop. If you’re looking for styles for straight, fine hair that won’t fall flat, try these out:

Long with Layers

Just because you have fine hair doesn’t mean it has to stop above your shoulders to be voluminous. Stars like Jennifer Aniston have grown out their straight fine hair without compromising shape. To break up your long, fine hair, add some layers in front to frame your face. Be careful of adding too many layers, as that will just make your hair look thinner at the bottom. Adding thick, blunt bangs can also break up the length of you hair.

Curly Long Bob

The shorter your hair is, the less it will be weighed down, allowing for maximum volume. That being said, a bob hair cut doesn’t have to be super short. Anywhere above your shoulders should still allow for a lot of volume. For maximum impact, style your long bob with hot rollers or a curling iron. If you’re not quite an expert with a curling iron, check out How to Curl Your Hair Using a Curling Iron.

Styles for straight, fine hair aren’t as limiting as you might think. As long as you stay away from all-over layers, pretty much any hairstyle can be catered to your hair. And if you opt for a shorter cut, you can always add hair extensions.