Copy Jennifer Lopez’s Hot ‘Dos

She may still be Jenny from the block (or at least want us to think she is), but Jennifer Lopez has come a long way from her Fly Girl days. (Does anyone even remember “In Living Color” anymore?)

Lopez has grown up and grown rich — and her hair came right along with her (funny how it does that). Forget about bandanas and jock-ish ponytails; these days, Jennifer Lopez hairstyles are much more glam and refined. We wanted to copy some of her more fabulous hairstyles so we called up celebrity stylist Ammon Carver — who has styled Leighton Meester, Molly Sims and more — to get his tips and product advice for recreating four of our favorite celebrity hairstyles.

Lopez’s ever evolving celebrity style got us thinking about the other thing she’s changed over the years. No, not guys, nicknames. Here, a few of our favorites:

1. J. Lo — Probably her most well-known and it was created by a fan. We like that a lot better than the ones that came from her publicist (or herself).

2. Jenny — As in the girl “from the block,” the one who used to rock the tracksuits and date Diddy.

3. La Lopez — She prefers this Latino-friendly label when performing Spanish language songs with hubby Marc Anthony.

4. Lola — What’s with divas and alter egos (think Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce or Mariah Carey’s Mimi)? We don’t quite know why, but Lopez has rebranded herself as Lola for her most recent album.

5. The Supernova — Only the closest of Jennifer’s friends refer to her by this nickname. We’re guessing it’s a term of endearment rather than a not-so-subtle dig at her ego.

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Image: Getty Images