Top Project Runway Hairstyles

It’s been seven drama-filled seasons since we first heard Tim Gunn dish out his sassy warning, “make it work.” We, like you, have been glued to the screen ever since watching wannabe designers become runway rockstars or … dun dun dun … road kill (Auf Wiedersehen). Through all the challenges, and what seems like millions of Heidi’s micro-miniskirts, we have laughed, cried, shouted at the screen and tried to copy almost every hairstyle that has strutted down the catwalk.

Hair on the runway is as much as an accessory to an outfit as any purse from the wall, therefore hairstyles should be complimentary to the look and feel that the designer wants to set. Some hairdos, like seriously big hair, can look stellar if coupled with a low-key design. On the other hand, if that seriously big hair was for some strange reason coupled with a seriously fluffy dress, there might be an issue (case and point: the drag queen episode from season 5). With all the good, the bad, and the downright ugly outfits that have paraded in front of Nina, Michael and Heidi, not all of the hairstyles have been fantastic either. With that being said, some have been brilliant and brilliance should always be appreciated.

We chatted up celebrity hairstyle guru Martin J Noriz, Creative Director of Art lab Salon in Los Angeles, to get his expert advice on how to recreate these haute hairstyles step-by-step (oh baby). So with no further adieu and to “carry on,” as Tim Gunn would say, from wavy hairstyles to straight hairstyles we bring you our favorites from the runway. Are you IN, or are you OUUUT?