Top Project Runway Hairstyles

From fierce to fabulous: The eight best hairstyles from "Project Runway" and expert advice on stealing them

Project Runway Hairstyle Side Ponytail

Season 5, “Going Green”: Blayne’s model’s side ponytail

A glossy smooth side pony like the one Blayne picked for his model looks hip for naturally thick, full hair.

Step 1: Noriz says to start by applying a thermal protector to hair, again, to protect from hot styling tools.

Step 2: Curl hair with a large-barreled curling iron.

Step 3: Next, make a deep side part on head; parting through the front of your hairline back to your crown.

Step 4: Use a flat paddled brush (Noriz suggests one from Mason Pearson, $80) and brush hair back away from face creating a low ponytail behind the ear that is on the opposite side of part.

Step 5: Use hairspray to keep pony smooth and to control curl shape.