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Project Runway Hairstyle Braid

Season 4, Finale: Rami’s model’s front braid

Rami shows that fashion-forward braids are all the rage and a great alternative to the same old updo, especially if hair is dirty.

Step 1: Noriz says to prep dry hair with a light application of a lightweight sculpting cream like Shu Uemura Kengo Feather, $33, making sure to apply evenly throughout hair.

Step 2: Take a horseshoe section of hair on top of your head, from the top of your crown to front hairline, that is slightly asymmetrical (meaning one side of the horseshoe is lower than the other). Clip away this section for later and brush remaining hair back into a low pony, twisting into a tight bun. Secure with pins.

Step 3: Finally go back to that disconnected piece and sculpt it into a braid running down the side of your face towards your ear. Finish by securing braid with bobby pins near your bun and spray with hairspray.