10 Blow Dryer-Free Hairstyles

You don't need ANY heat tools to style your hair. Don't believe us? See how these celebs pulled off 100 percent completely natural hairstyles (with the help of a little product)

Mischa Barton Blow Dryer-Free Hairstyle

I’m with the band

Works best on: Straight, wavy or curly hair

How to get it: Is your natural hair just not looking the way you want it to? Save the day with the help of a headband or scarf.

1. If your hair is straight or wavy, just spritz your hair with salt spray right out of the shower and let it air dry. You can leave your hair down or tie it back in a ponytail before you slip on a plastic or fabric headband. Pull out some strands of hair from under the headband and let them frame your face.

2. If your hair is curly, pull your hair back with a headband while it’s damp to flatten hair at the crown and let the curls form towards the end of your hair. Once your hair is dry, run a shine serum over them to tame any frizzies.

3. Now that you love your easy look, go to the mall and buy six more headbands. You’ll have one for every day of the week, and imagine how healthy your hair will get without all that heat damage.