Make the Most of Your Haircut

Here’s a scene from a typical hair salon:

Customer: I love Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle, I’d like to get her haircut.

Stylist: Sure, she has great hair.

[Stylist and customer chatter on about boyfriend drama, the latest “Hills” episode, etc.]

Stylist: OK, just going to style it now.

[Stylist quickly and expertly blow dries customer’s hair]

Customer: Wow, it looks great, thanks!

End scene

So what was wrong with that little scenario? Oh, just about everything. Sure, the customer ended up with a haircut she was happy with and got to vent about her boyfriend’s commitment issues, but what happens when she gets home? Will her hair ever look as good as it did in the salon? Probably not.

You might just accept the fact that you’ll never be able to style your hair as well as your hairdresser — but I don’t. Why shouldn’t our hair look salon-fabulous every day? Why shouldn’t we get the best possible haircut and the knowledge to style it at home?

I think it’s our beauty right to have all this, and so I asked Harry Josh, International Creative Consultant for John Frieda, what we can do to get a perfect cut — every time — and make our hair look perfect — every day. His answer: Just ask your stylist the right questions and pay attention. What? It can’t be that easy, you say? Well, it is. Read on for the questions you must ask your hairdresser and get your beauty rights fulfilled. Sure, you may miss out on hearing some of the salon gossip, but perfect hair is worth the sacrifice, don’t you think?