Hair Dare: Heat Styling Ban

Confession: Before this dare I literally could not remember what my natural hairstyle looked like. Sure, I’d skipped blow drying before, but I either applied enough product to keep it looking semi-normal, or pulled it into a bun and forgot about it.

So when fellow editor Jane suggested our next Beauty Riot Dare be a day of totally natural hair I was … well, a mix of intrigued and freaked out. And no way was I going to do it alone.

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So I challenged all the other editors (I even rounded some up from and grabbed some staffers from around the office) to take the dare with me. Here were the rules:

Day 1: Style hair as normal, savor your last moments with the blow dryer (sigh)

Day 2: Wash hair, comb and … that’s it. No product, no heat styling, zip, zilch, nada (oy)

Day 3: Wash hair, go nuts with hair products but the ban on heat styling tools remains (I think I can handle this)

Why did we do this? Well, for one, a mild curiosity to see what our hair actually looks like without any style interventions — some of us (er, me) had no idea what to expect. Two, to prove to ourselves, and you, that with a little product and some hair know-how, we can save ourselves a ton of time and rescue our hair from a life of heat damage. Three, it’s just kind of fun to see pictures of women with crazy frizz (admit it, that’s partially why you’re here).

So how did it all turn out? Are we all converts to heat-less styling? Or will you have to pry our blow dryers out of our cold (warm?), dead hands? Read on to find out.

Click here to see our no-heat styling hair dare.