3 Hair Cuts for Long Hair

The options of hair cuts for long hair are practically endless, so consider yourself lucky if you have long hair to work with. If you’re wondering what long hair cut you should try next, check out our favorite ideas here:

1. Try a hair cut with long layers

Adding long layers to your hair will take some of the weight out of your hair and give you more volume. Often long hair that is fine can look a little flat, but adding layers will give your hair more lift. One tip: don’t cut too many layers at the bottom of your long hair; that can make your ends look scraggly. Instead, cut layers in the middle of your hair.

2. Add bangs to your long hair

Bangs can work with any hair length, but they’re a great way to get a whole new look without cutting any length off the rest of your hair. You can try full bangs across your forehead, or long, side-swept bangs. Keep in mind though that bangs will need to be trimmed often, so plan on visiting the hair salon frequently or learning to cut your bangs at home.

3. Decide if long hair is right your face shape

If you have an oval, round, or square face shape then a long hair cut is perfect for you. A long hair cut can add length to a round face; making it look less like a ball. And long, face-framing layers can soften the angles on a square face. If you have an oval face — you can wear any hair cut you want, long or short, lucky girl! However, if your face is oblong (one the long side), you may not want a long hair cut because that will make your face look even longer.

Whatever hair cut you choose, the best part about long hair are the million different ways you can style it. Check out these long hairstyles for inspiration for your new long hair cut.