Hair Extensions: The Real Deal

From clip-in to human hair extensions; see how to get and take care of them for gorgeous long hair

hair extensions kim kardashian

Two types of hair extensions

At the most basic level, there are two types of hair extensions: clip-ins and professionally-attached ones. Within those you can have real (human) hair extensions or synthetic ones. Both types can be cut by a hairstylist to blend in with your real hair (something Jeanne highly recommends so you don’t get a blocky, mushroom effect), however you need to use caution when heat styling synthetic extensions. Read the instructions to make sure it’s safe before you singe them with a curling iron.

Clip-ins can be small sections of hair, large sections that wrap around your head or even ponytail or bun clip ins. Professional extensions are bonded to your hair with various methods (which we’ll discuss in the next slide) and stay in your hair for anywhere from 1 to 6 months. Clip-ins should be removed before you go to sleep, and shouldn’t be worn every day since they can pull on your hair.

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