6 New Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you have short hair and you’re getting married, you might think your wedding hairstyles are pretty limited. But that’s so not the case — there are a ton of styles you can try on short hair that would be perfect for any wedding. Whether it’s a casual affair on the beach or a glammed-out ballroom, one of these looks will be perfect for you.

Wedding Option 1: Think Hair Accessories

The easiest way to make a short wedding hairstyle perfect is to add a veil, headband or barrette to your normal style. You could try a flower or a sparkly hairpin — whatever would work with your dress and overall wedding decor. There are literally millions of options out there, check out etsy.com for quirky and unique hair accessories.

Wedding Option 2: Go for Sleek Hair

This is the short hair equivalent to a slicked-back updo. Just use plenty of hair gel to slick back your hair, and try a deep side part for some added drama. The best part about this look is your hair will look extra shiny and be out of the way for the entire night, no need to worry about flyaways or a messed up hairdo.

Wedding Option 3: Try Curls

If your hair is at least a couple inches long, try curling it for a romantic vibe. However, you don’t want to make the curls too tight and uniform — otherwise you’ll look like a “Golden Girls” cast member. Instead, go for loose curls and have your hairstylist make different sized curls so the look is more relaxed and romantic.

Wedding Option 4: Go Natural

Who says you have to switch up your hairstyle for your wedding? You can always stick with your every day hairstyle, especially if you already have a cute short haircut. It’s low maintenance and your groom will be thrilled that you look like you on your wedding day.

Wedding Option 5: Try a Braid

No, no, not pig tails or anything too little-kid like, we’re talking about a chic side braid. It’s a great option if you have bangs that you’d like off your face for the wedding (not a bad idea if it’s windy and you’re having an outdoor ceremony) and you can do it as long as your hair is at least a few inches long. Just create a side part and French braid your hair along your hairline.

Wedding Options 6: Add Extensions

If you really have your heart set on long, flowing hair or a voluminous bun and you don’t have time to grow out short hair, then try having hair extensions put in. They’ll work on any hair type as long as it’s at least two inches long. I guess these aren’t really short wedding hairstyles, but it’s good to know all your options!

The most important part of choosing a short wedding hairstyle is to pick something that makes you feel beautiful, no matter what your hair length. After all, it’s your day and you should look your absolute hottest.