Straighten Your Hair Like A Pro

Just follow these tips, and you'll get gorgeous results every time you pick up a flat iron

michelle trachtenberg straight hair

Get a super straight look

Love the polished look Michelle Trachtenberg is wearing? Follow these steps:

1. To start, blow dry damp hair straight using a paddle brush.

2. Clip your hair into several sections — you’ll be starting with the lower layers. Grab a 1/2-inch to 2-inch section of hair, and smooth the iron down the hair shaft, starting a bit below your roots (this will help your hair maintain some volume).

3. Do this until you have straightened the bottom and mid-sections of your head, “making sure to move at a steady pace,” Moticka says.

4. For the final sections near the crown of your head, lift hair off your scalp and get the iron as close to your roots as possible, pressing firmly while drawing the iron straight outward from your head to achieve a flat, smooth finish.

5. Mist with shine spray.