Winter Hair Trends

See what's hot in hairstyles, hair color and haircuts during this oh-so-chilly time of year

winter hair color lily aldridge

Dye your hair this winter — or not

Much like fall, this winter it’s all about letting your roots show a bit. (Permission to be lazy? Thanks!) So don’t stress if you haven’t been to the salon in awhile, just inform everyone that it’s the latest trend. And if you are going to get your hair colored, check out Cunningham’s recommendations:

For brunettes: “Brunettes will still have a dark chocolate base but you’ll see a lot of thick, warm golden highlights starting from the mid-section of the hair — like model Lily Aldridge. This look is fun and flirty.”

For redheads: “The most va-va-voom shade of red is a single tone with no highlights, just think deep mahogany. Like Julianne Moore with her luscious shade that’s full of shine.”

For blondes: “This season’s blonde is a California blonde with the base a shade darker and light, golden highlights. This shade pops on Kate Bosworth and looks great with red lips.”