23 Party Hair and Makeup Ideas

Boring is not a word people would use to describe you — so why would you stick with your same old hairstyle and makeup look for a party? Answer: You wouldn’t, especially not after seeing 23 out-of-the-box party makeup and hairstyle ideas.

Whew, now that that’s out of the way, I can get to talking about these fun style ideas. First off, they come from some hair and makeup geniuses: New York City-based makeup artists Quinn Murphy and Rachel Wood, and New York City-based hairstylists Danielle Irene and Alejandra. (Side note: someday I would like to be cool enough to go by one name, hey, a girl can dream.)

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Second, they’re all ideas that are new, unique and gorgeous (think green eye makeup and side updos. So there’s basically zilch chance of you rocking the same hair and makeup look as another girl at the party, although we both know you would look way better if it somehow did happen.

Third, all these ideas are so easy to do, none of them take any more time than your normal gettin’-ready routine, so you don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror to look awesome.

Sooo, if all that hasn’t sold you on these 23 party hair and makeup ideas, I don’t know what will. What if I said we’re giving out punch and pie at the end of this list? Nah, I think the uber-hot hairstyles and makeup how-tos are probably enough.

Click here to see 23 party hair and makeup ideas.