23 Party Hair and Makeup Ideas

Want to stand out in a crowd of smoky eyes, half updos and little black dresses? You've come to the right place

rihanna party makeup

Idea No. 1: Green eye makeup like Rihanna

Green’s an obvious holiday color, but don’t get all matchy-matchy with a green dress or top. Instead, try a green shadow or liner with a pink cocktail dress. To get Rihanna’s look:

1. Start off with foundation to even your skin tone, and a pink blush on your cheeks.

2. Line your inner and outer rims with black eyeliner.

3. Use a lime green eye shadow, like CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast in Citrus Flair, $6 on your lid and smudge a little on your lower lashline too. This would also work with an olive or forest green shadow.

4. Apply plenty of mascara and finish with a pale pink lip gloss.