10 Best Braided Hairstyles

I’ve always been obsessed with braids. It started when I was six years old, and I taught myself how to braid my favorite Barbie’s hair. Then I began experimenting on my own hair in elementary school, which led to my friends coming to me to get their hair braided at recess.

Twenty years later, nothing’s really changed. I still tear out pages from magazines and save pictures on my computer when I come across a gorgeous braided hairstyle. I’m at my happiest when I try a new, complicated braid and pull it off after several tries (FYI french braiding your own hair is a great skill to have).

Click here to see some of my favorite braided hairstyles.

Why am I so into this trend? Because braids are the best invention ever. They add a fun, flirty vibe to any hairstyle. They’re classic and inspiring. Not to mention how versatile they are — you can go with a messy side braid for a casual day, or a try for a fancy dinner.

But in case braiding doesn’t come naturally to you (or if you don’t want to spend money on professional hair braiding, which is a genius idea if you ask me), I thought I’d share with you the 10 best braided celebrity hairstyles I’ve ever seen. Of course I tried every single one them on myself, and I got tons of compliments. If that’s not incentive enough, this gallery of braids also includes step-by-step directions to get each look.

So click here to see the best braided celebrity hairstyles.