10 Best Braided Hairstyles

If you're looking for a gorgeous, versatile look, these braided celebrity hairstyles are the perfect inspiration

anna paquin braided hairstyle

Braided chignon

Anna Paquin’s medium-length hair looks so feminine in a braided chignon. It’s best to keep this look loose, and include some pretty, face-framing layers. Here’s how to get the look:

1. This look works best on day old hair. Part your hair down the center and rub texturizing mousse through it.

2. Leaving out a few pieces of hair around your face, separate your hair into two sections. Tease each section at the crown to add some volume.

3. Loosely braid the bottom half of both sections and twist the braids into a soft chignon at the nape of your neck. Tuck the ends under, and pin them into place.

4. Tug at the back of your hair to loosen it up a bit and cover the part. Mist all over with strong-hold hairspray to finish.