10 Best Braided Hairstyles

If you're looking for a gorgeous, versatile look, these braided celebrity hairstyles are the perfect inspiration

elle fanning braided hairstyle

Braided headband

Elle Fanning’s braided headband adds a modern twist to the traditional milkmaid braid. It works best on longer hair, and it’s easier than it looks. Here’s how to get it:

1. Part damp hair down the center and blow dry straight using a paddle brush.

2. First, take a section of hair from one side of your head and set it aside. Brush the rest of your hair up into a bun or ponytail, and secure it with an elastic.

3. Now take the remaining section of hair and braid it, starting from above the ear and going across the top of your head. The braid should end just above the other ear.

4. Secure your braided headband using bobby pins, and mist all over with strong-hold hairspray to finish.