Best Date Night Hairstyles

Okay, let me start off by saying that you don’t need an excuse to dress up and look pretty. As women, we have every right to go all out with our hair and makeup every day, whether we’re headed to a meeting or making a coffee run. But the reality is, we just don’t always have the time or energy to do this. (Sigh.)

So when it comes time for actually prettying up for special occasions (like, let’s say, a date night), it’s a big deal. And date night on Valentine’s Day? Even better. But I think you should be able to get ready without the stress of deciding what to do about your hair, don’t you? Because I’d rather spend my time thinking about how I’ll be treated to flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners. Hey, a girl can dream.

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And I figured since date nights happen year round, you’ll need more than just one go-to hairstyle for your romantic nights. So we asked several hair experts — including celebrity hairstylist Ange Grmolyes, got2b celebrity stylist Larry Sims, and Brian Zinno, Educational Director at Antonio Prieto Salon — to walk us through the best date night looks, based on popular celebrity hairstyles.

Some of the hairstyles are soft and romantic, while others are sexy and head-turning. Depending on what outfit you choose, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect look for your night. So take a relaxing bath, spend some extra time putting on your makeup, and pick a style from this list of romantic hairstyles to wear. It’s that simple.

Don’t have a Valentine? These hairstyles are also perfect for a night of cocktails with your girlfriends or even dinner with co-workers. So click here to see all of the best date night hairstyles.