Best Date Night Hairstyles

Whatever the occasion, you'll want to "wow" your special date with one of these gorgeous hairstyles

leighton meester straight hairstyle

Straight, sleek look

Guys looove a style like Leighton Meester’s, because it’s sweet, seductive and run-their-fingers-through worthy. Here’s how Sims says to get the look:

1. Right when you get out of the shower, part towel-dried hair down the center of your head.

2. Start off applying a straightening balm to hair, then blow dry hair as straight and smooth as possible using a paddle brush.

3. Once your hair is completely dry, separate it into small sections starting from the back of your neck. Spray each section with heat protectant spray, and use a flat iron to get your hair bone straight.

4. Tame any fly ways with smoothing hairspray or shine spray for the ultimate finish.