Best Date Night Hairstyles

Whatever the occasion, you'll want to "wow" your special date with one of these gorgeous hairstyles

kate bosworth wavy hairstyle

Soft, natural waves

Kate Bosworth’s soft waves give off such a romantic, “touch me” vibe. Here’s how Zinno says to get the look:

1. Prep your damp hair with a heat protective spray, or a heat-activated reconstructing cream.

2. Roughly dry your hair until it is halfway dry, and then blow dry the rest of the way using a large ceramic brush.

3. Take 1-inch sections of hair, and starting mid-shaft, wrap hair around a 1 1/2-inch curling iron.

4. When you’ve curled all of your hair, flip your hair over and shake it out for a soft, natural wave.

5. Finish with a lightweight hairspray.