Ultimate Prom Hairstyles Guide

No more flipping through endless magazines to find the perfect prom hairstyles -- we've got the best looks to match any dress style

prom hairstyles mila kunis

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis’ chic French twist looks so elegant and sophisticated. It will definitely help you look more mature and stand out in the crowd of girls. Here’s how Grmolyes says to get the look:

1. You’ll want to start with dirty hair for this look, since it has more texture and hold. Use a teasing comb to really tease the whole top section of hair, along with the back of your hair.

2. Use your fingers to break up your hair the way you want to see the hair textured.

3. Use a brush to smooth out the sides; don’t press too firmly, just smooth back the surface of the hair.

4. Separate your hair in two sections. Bring one section over and pin it down the center. Do the same thing with the other side of the hair, and roll it inward once you reach the center. Tuck in the ends and secure the twist with pins. Finish with strong-hold hairspray.

5. Tip: You can create more of a textured look by putting a few hairpins in at the top of your hair. Just be sure they match your hair color.