Ultimate Prom Hairstyles Guide

No more flipping through endless magazines to find the perfect prom hairstyles -- we've got the best looks to match any dress style

prom hairstyles jessica alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s braided hairstyle is totally chic and adds the perfect touch to any dress. It’s especially great for girls who are growing out their bangs. Here’s how Grmolyes says to get the look:

1. Start with day-old hair. Separate two inch-wide sections of hair, and French braid each section across the hairline, from one temple to the other.

2. Make sure to take each section at an angle, so the braid points back. Secure both braids by criss-crossing two bobby pins right behind your ear.

3. Once you’ve braided the front of your hair, use a teasing comb to tease hair at the crown of the head to add structure and hold.

4. Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail, and wrap it messily into a bun. Secure the updo with bobby pins and finish with strong-hold hairspray.