14 New Ways to Wear Medium Hair

Whether you have medium length hair or you're just trying to grow your hair out, these gorgeous celebrity styles are perfect for you

hailee steinfeld braid

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld’s side twist is an easy (and adorable!) way to style your hair when you’re short on time. See how to get Hailee Steinfeld’s hairstyle:

1. Part your hair slightly to the side. Apply a few drops of shine serum to your hair and brush it through well.

2. Gather all of your hair into a low ponytail, and secure it with an elastic that matches your hair color.

3. Divide your pony into two equal sections, and twist them together to create the two-strand braid. Secure the end of your twist with an elastic, and add a fun accessory, like a barrette or clip.

4. Mist all over with lightweight hairspray to finish.