8 New Ways to Style Your Bangs

Bored with your bangs? You'll love these cute and trendy ways to wear your fringe

straight fringe

Straight fringe

True, it’s the most basic way to wear your bangs, but what better way to start off the gallery than the classic straight fringe, a la Zooey Deschanel? (Who, by the way, is the reason I wanted to get bangs in the first place.)

Get the look: After showering, rough dry your bangs with a blow dryer until they are 85 percent dry. Then switch the dryer to low heat, and blow dry your bangs around a round bristle brush. You can play with how long you keep your bangs wrapped around the brush, which affect how “poufy” they turn out. Just be careful you don’t get too ’80s with the poof — that’s not good, at all.