8 New Ways to Style Your Bangs

Bored with your bangs? You'll love these cute and trendy ways to wear your fringe

parted bangs

Down the middle

Want to add a hippy feel to your look? Start with loose, flowing hair and part your bangs down the middle for a fun, ’70s vibe. Groovy, no?

Get the look: Part your hair and bangs down the middle. Blow dry your bangs outward using a small round brush. You can leave them this way if you’re looking for a feathered Farrah Fawcett look. If not, use a mini flat iron (around 1/2-inch wide works best) to lightly straighten your bangs. Finish with a light anti-frizz cream at the ends of your bangs to control flyaways (try Neutrogena Triple Moisture Anti-Frizz Cream, $6.80).