9 Weirdest Hair Tools Ever

Our first reaction to these hair gadgets: "Whaaaaaat?" But turns out, a lot of them actually work (like, really well)

Goody Simple Style Spin Pin hair invention

Goody Simple Style Spin Pin

Already a fan of Goody’s Ouchless Elastics, we couldn’t wait to try out their newest product, the Spin Pin. That’s not to say we didn’t have doubts. How could two little metal corkscrew pieces really hold a heavy, full bun? It turns out, quite easily. As we hesitantly let go of our hair, we were amazed that nothing moved. The corkscrew shape had done its job. And with blonde and brunette color options (and a mini option), no one will ever see the Spin Pin in your hair.

Hair Gadget Confession: “I LOVE the Goody Spin Pin Mini. It’s a genius little baby device that has totally made my morning ‘I’m-too-lazy-to-blow-dry-my-hair’-bun a snap. It also doesn’t leave annoying creases in my hair like a rubber band does.” — Anna, Associate Editor