14 New Homecoming Hairstyles

One of my biggest regrets from high school? Not going to a single homecoming dance. My friends and I thought we were “too cool” for school, and we figured it would be totally awkward and boring. And even though teen movies may have said different, we weren’t buying it.

But looking back, I wish I did go to one of the dances. I realize now that homecoming is the perfect excuse to buy a new dress, get glam, and party with your friends. And it’s a total rite of passage for every high school girl — I mean, your first school dance is a pretty big deal, right?

So in the spirit of homecoming (and to try to convince you to go your next school dance), I put together this guide to help you pick out the best hairstyle for the big night. It includes 14 gorgeous celebrity hairstyles that are perfect for homecoming (think side updos and dainty braids).

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I even got celebrity hairstylists to give the step-by-step how-tos for each look — and every girl knows that getting advice from a celeb stylist is way cooler than a normal one. (Kidding.) If I had this guide back then, I wouldn’t have skipped out on the chance to show off one of these looks.

Seriously, learn from my mistakes — wear one of these hairstyles (we’re partial to the updos) and go to the freakin’ Homecoming dance. You won’t regret it, but you will regret sitting at home on your couch watching reruns of “Jersey Shore.” Just sayin’.

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