How to Get Wavy Hair from Braids

Braids have a multitude of functions: Add them to an updo to create an intricate look, use them to disguise a bad hair day (or super dirty hair), or use one to simply get your hair off of your neck. However, did you know they can also be used to create waves in your hair? Creating wavy hair from braids is one of the easiest ways to get those beachy, tousled curls — and it requires seriously minimal effort.

Start the night before by washing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that encourages curl. After getting out of the shower, spray your hair with a misting spray while it’s damp. For bigger waves, braid your hair into two sections. For smaller, kinkier waves, braid your hair into several small braids. Sleep in the braids overnight.

In the morning, use a blow dryer on your braids to heat them up for a minute or two. Unravel them to reveal your beachy, wavy hair from braids. Run your fingers through them to shape them and add some volume to your hair, but do not use a brush on them, as this will just make your hair poofy and frizzy. Use a hair texturizer or dry shampoo to give your hair some volume, and voila! Wavy hair has never been so easy. Now that you’ve got the waves, try some new ways to wear your wavy hair.

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