Hair Dare: 6 Days, 6 Styles

Ever tried throwing together a unique and chic hairstyle in the 10 minutes between shutting off the alarm and heading out the door? Well, this woman did -- six times in a row. You won't believe how she pulled it off

Hair Dare: 6 Days, 6 Styles

Super-obvious statement alert: the girls at Beauty Riot love a good dare.

Speaking of, here’s the victim — er, participant — of our latest dare. Devran has gorgeous long hair, which she claims is “extremely thick, coarse, and very curly.” Her words, not ours.

This means it should be frizzy and impossible to wrestle into any style, right? Um, wrong. She’s actually really good at doing her two signature hairstyles — diffused curls and a sleek blow out. But that’s it.

Or at least it was, until our dare. We heard Devran complaining that she was bored with her hair, so during a “coincidental” meeting in the office kitchen (OK, fine, we ambushed her), we challenged her to come up with six completely new looks — in six days straight. Tough? Yes. Impossible? No way.

We won’t spoil the results of the dare here, but we will tell you that her creative styles are definitely worth checking out. We even included some super easy hairstyle how tos from the stylists at Byu-Ti Salon in Santa Monica, Calif. to go along with each look.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to see all the pictures we took of Devran’s new hairstyles.