Hair Dare: 6 Days, 6 Styles

Ever tried throwing together a unique and chic hairstyle in the 10 minutes between shutting off the alarm and heading out the door? Well, this woman did -- six times in a row. You won't believe how she pulled it off

Day 6: Going out with a bang

It’s the last day of the challenge, and I want to do something special for the weekend. So I invite a friend — OK, a hairstylist friend — to come over and help me create this look, which I found while scanning some runway pics. Here’s how we do it:

1. I follow this trick from hairstylist Natasha Sunshine-Antonioni to get a bump-free side pony: Wet your hair and lean your head to one side. Then brush all of your hair into a ponytail while keeping your head angled, and secure it tightly with an elastic.

2. Next, I split my ponytail into two sections. My friend helps me twist the two sections in opposite directions (one to the left, and the other to the right).

3. She then takes both twists and twists those together. I bring the whole twist over my head towards my other ear, and secure the ends with bobby pins.

3. I finish by misting all over with a strong-hold hairspray (one to try: Pureology Colour Stylist Strengthening Control Hairspray, $19).

So my dare has come to an end, and honestly, I loved every minute of it. I learned that it’s OK to take risks, in fact, better than OK, because it almost always results in tons of compliments (and who doesn’t love those?).

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