You Voted: Best Hair in Hollywood

There are tons of award shows, but seriously, what do they actually celebrate? You win a Grammy, so what? You can sing a little ditty, bang out a few notes on the piano. An Oscar? Yeah, you’re great at memorizing some lines and crying on cue. As you can clearly see, those awards don’t mean jack. Now our awards — the “Best Hollywood Hair” awards — take a lot to win.

You need to obtain the perfect cut. Apply the precise amount of mousse. Wield your blow dryer like the weapon it was meant to be. If it sounds grueling — it’s because it is. And that’s nothing compared to the voting process. First, we took your suggestions for the best celebrity hairstyles on our Facebook page. Then, our team of hair experts narrowed down six nominees for each category. And after two weeks of polling — can you say exhausted? — we finally had our winners.

Click here to see our best celebrity hairstyle winners.

Now, you’ll finally learn who has the best short hairstyles, medium hairstyles, and long hairstyles. We’ll also give out awards for best bangs, most iconic cut, most improved, and biggest risk taker. Don’t forget best natural curls and color. And these all lead up to our biggest “Best Hollywood Hair” award of the evening, Best. Hair. Ever.

Some of the best celebrity hair is here tonight. They come with acceptance speech in hand. And we think some celebs even have a few hair tips to offer us mere peons. Are you ready for the show?

Without further ado, welcome to the “Best Hollywood Hair” Awards!

Psst: OK, so these aren’t real acceptance speeches, we just made them up. But we’re pretty sure this is what they would have said anyway.