You Voted: Best Hair in Hollywood

The results are finally in! After hundreds of votes, we've found the best celebrity hairstyles in Hollywood. Ah, the excitement. Drumroll, please ...

jennifer aniston mid-length hair

Best Mid-Length Hair: Jennifer Aniston

Thank you. I’ve always known I’ve had great hair — after all, I did introduce the world to “The Rachel.” Some people say my hair is boring or safe, but I like to think of it as classic. I know some people prefer an exotic look, like black hair, a perfect cat eye, and tons of tattoos. But some people aren’t everybody.

If you happen to prefer my classic look, keep this in mind: You want to look for a flat iron that uses ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium metals. Those metals are gentlest on your hair and guarantee shine. And you can’t win a best hair award without plenty of shine..

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